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The Palisaid Experience


pEDIT (Palisaid's Electronic Diabetes Integration Technology) is designed to live within an electronic medical record and help guide the educator through the entire patient visit to capture necessary documentation
required to submit for maximum reimbursement. 


Increase Billing Reimbursement

  • Utilize technology to accurately submit maximum reimbursement codes for diabetes education 

  • Implement documentation processes to meet reimbursement requirements 

  • Provide training for billing departments

  • Maximize resources to increase billable education hours


Decrease educators non-billable time

  • pEdit auto-populates patient data eliminating repetitive charting entries for diabetes reimbursement

  • Documents the required data to maintain credentialing status needed to file annual reports for ADA or AADA

Achieve Accreditation or Recognition

  • Assist with the credentialing and maintenance paperwork to meet CMS requirements 

  • Create a custom plan to meet ADA’s diabetes standards of care 

  • Implement an approved curriculum to advance diabetes care

  • Develop a scheduling and charting system to improve efficiency

Access Continuing

Education Resources

  • Provide up-to-date resources for clinics to advance diabetes educator's competency to improve the health of patients


Advance Professional Credentialing

  • Prepare staff to obtain the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) credential 


Increase Billable Services

  • Advance diabetes care to increase available reimbursement codes to increase the clinic's revenue stream


Advance Patient Care

  • Interpret CQI project data to reduce the cost of healthcare




Utilize pEDIT

Technology to:



Utilize Palisaid's Individual

Account Manager to:


Our values in prioritizing patient centered care drive how our products and services have been

developed. Palisaid is passionate about patient success and providing empowerment to the

healthcare providers who serve patients living with diabetes every day.

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