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Electronic Diabetes Integrated Technology


Your partner in advancing diabetes education programs to

maximize success in diabetes management and financial viability.

Recent population health trends predict 1/3 of the US will have diabetes by 2050 increasing the challenges diabetes education programs currently face to meet patient needs while managing the administrative, and financial operations of their programs. 

Palisaid's high-performance management software, SUGAR creates an automated step-by-step experience to set your diabetes education program up for financial success.  SUGAR increases reimbursement, decreases non-billable educator’s time and increases patient’s access to care to reduce the healthcare burden in the United States.





Our mission is to create successful, and financially sustainable diabetes education programs for health care facilities that are focused on patient centered care. 



Our values are to help healthcare facilities establish financially successful diabetes education programs of excellence while honoring individual patient needs and improving diabetes outcomes.



Our vision is to become

the industry leader

in providing technology and consulting services

for diabetes

education programs.



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