Eliminate data, and reimbursement bottlenecks 

As care models become more challenging, pEDIT can help your diabetes education program maximize reimbursement, and automate key aspects of managing a diabetes education program.



Accessed in the EMR

pEDIT is accessed within your EMR system and is used as a system of action to manage your day, and every patient visit


Streamlines patient information to making the charting process faster, easier, and more accurate

Reimbursement Automation

 Ensures maximum reimbursement visibility for the patient visit 

Program Performance 

Real-time program analytics that is key to specific care models, and operational requirements


Palisaid was founded to help diabetes education programs thrive



Our mission is to create successful, and financially sustainable diabetes education programs for health care facilities that are focused on patient centered care. 



Our values are to help healthcare facilities establish financially successful diabetes education programs of excellence while honoring individual patient needs and improving diabetes outcomes.



Our vision is to become

the industry leader

in helping diabetes education programs scale to meet the needs of the patients they serve.